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„Bad lighting makes you unhappy“ Ingo Maurer, Lighting Designer, Munich, Germany

Our clients in Dubai often ask us what is missing in their homes. For example, „we’ve bought beautiful furnishings and put a lot of effort into decorating, but why doesn’t the room feel cosy? Why is the atmosphere so dull and sterile?“ The reason is usually they are not using the right lighting. Most uses of artificial light in our lives are task oriented.

For example, we can shed light onto a walkway or stairwell at night to help us see or use light to celebrate a special occasion. But what about the lighting for a beautiful painting or statue? Would you use the same incandescent light bulb in your closet to showcase a painting by a famous artist? Dubai is known for its beautiful skyline however it is a night where it becomes most spectacular.

Our German lighting products compliment the architecture and furnishings in your home as well as help create a welcoming and warm atmosphere for any living space or surface. With more than tens years experience in premium lighting design, we consult our clients by helping them choose the right lighting fixtures and lighting technology. Whethere you’re looking to accent your apartment in Jumeriah Lake Towers or equip your garden in Emirates Hills will outdoor lighting, we can help. Let yourself be inspired and see what we can do for you.

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